The “Change a habit”-Challenge: Week 3 & 4

Update Person 4: Zero Waste

Overall I can’t say that my challenge was a success, at a lot of points I lost the motive to do anything, as I discovered that I still don’t believe in how much an individual can make a change or an impact on the environment. I always underestimated that.  However after the second part of the exchange in Egypt, I realized how much an individual can have a great impact on both the environment and the people around.

I always had ideas to do in my mind, but when it came to the implementation part, this is where I felt demotivated. And this is when I also discovered that being part of a group is bless, as the group always motivates you and gives you the push to do things together and challenge your challenges. Nevertheless, after the exchange came to an end, we decided to maintain a good communication network between the participants, and have every once I a while an event or a gathering that enables us to tackle our daily life challenges and our achievements.

In Egypt, in regards to some stuff, it is hard to take green initiatives, as you will always find people criticizing what you are doing, and you will find some stuff or actions imposed on you that are not that eco-friendly.

My family is and will always be my biggest challenge. I want to transfer all what I learned throughout the exchange to them, and eventually, influence some of their attitudes towards the environment.

No giving up. I’ll always try to be a green, eco-friendly human being. As now and specifically after the exchange it is in my blood.

Update Person 7: Zero Waste

Just a quick update: The challenge is going better than expected. I found the courage to speak about toilet paper with my roommate (it was bit awkward, nobody likes to talk about such things). But in the end she seemed to be ok with me buying recycled toilet paper for us all.

The other day I met up with friends to produce some sugar-free sweets and granola bars with natural ingredient like nuts, oats and dried fruit. This means healthier snacks AND less waste as the finished sweets aren’t individually wrapped, of course, plus I used many of the ingredients I had bought package-free anyway.

Also I FINALLY had my Payback account deleted. It’s a company which allows all its users to collect credit points when you shop which you can later cash for shopping coupons. I signed up for this because I thought it would save me money but I always ended up shopping more (and ultimately producing more trash) with these coupons instead of saving money. Such a trap! So I decided: no more of this

!Week 3 & 4 here!

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