The “Food”-Challenge: Week 2

Update Person 3: No Palm-Oil

I began this week buying small chocolate-covered cream cakes because I really wanted them (naturally they contained palm oil so I failed right from the start :D). But apart from that I checked the ingredients of every product before buying it, I rarely bought finished products and I started to buy “Fairtrade” chocolate. It is also worth mentioning that I created my first hair rinse in my life (After using it I was under the impression that I have never had dryer hair before but I remain optimistic that I will find something better soon ;)).

This week I read many articles on (dealing with recent results of scientific research). For instance, a report published in “Current Biology” states that in the last 25 years 10% of global wilderness vanished because of human activities. To be honest, I have my doubts as to whether humans are capable of preserving the earth for future generation. I also have the feeling that there is a major discrepancy between what is actually happening and public discussion e.g. in Germany. Thus, I am glad that I have started to extend my efforts to live more sustainably!

Person 4: Eating vegetarian

Why did you choose that Challenge?

I chose following a vegetarian diet because for me, it formed the biggest and hardest challenge, and before signing up for it, I had strong doubts that I would be able to strictly carry it through.

Although I signed up for the Vegetarian Diet challenge, I can say that my consumption behavior has been radically changed on so many aspects, I completely stopped eating sugar and salt. I am reducing my waste bit by bit; I started using less plastic, I make my own food in reusable container to work and I starting sorting the trash in home. So the situation for me is to achieve small bit in every challenge.

What kind of an impact does it have on the environment/society/you?

I think it has a significant impact on environment and me as an individual, on various aspects; I stopped eating fast food and any kind of processed meat and cheese because it contains huge amount of chemicals and preservatives. 

How does it feel (hard/easy)? What is so challenging about it?

It does not feel that hard, because I am gradually increasing the intensity of the challenge so I can take sufficient time to get used to a new pattern, but I face some problems regarding making diverse vegetarian meals, and the challenging part is to stay long period without eating meat/chicken/fish, but when I do I always make sure that I buy from local and naturally grown sources which is not that hard to find in Egypt.

Can you imagine continuing the habit after the challenge is over?

I certainly will decrease my meat intake, but I don’t know whether I’m going to adopt a strict vegetarian diet or not.

!Week 3 & 4 here!

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